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I’ve decided to start listening to my gut. This can now be called my “Mother’s Instinct” because I am now a mother. But feel free to call it my gut instinct, inner voice, or the voices in my head.
My entire life I’ve always ignored it, so as to be percieved as an optimist. But because my gut is usually right (as is yours) and I was ignoring it, this also caused me to be wrongly percieved as naive.
Obviously this does not sit well with me. Now that I’m a mother I get this strange feeling (probably my gut knocking on my brain) that my mother’s instinct is tired of being ignored.

Things I must come to terms with to coincide with my new revelation that Mother knows best.

Stretch Marks do not go away – no matter how hard I try to tell myself they will.
Fat doesnt disappear on its own – My optimistic self believes that it will someday up and walk away.
I will never be promoted – Why keep lying to myself? Its not going to happen. So I need to prepare for a long life in the same position I’m in now. Or find a new position.

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