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Conversations with my Sister

The following is a conversation that my younger sister, Jodie, and I had through text messages. Enjoy.

Me: I’m Psychic

Jodie: What makes you say that?

Me: I had an in depth thought about AK Steel this morning and they had an explosion today.

Jodie: Hmmm thats weird.

Me: Yeah, it happens like that a lot. So if its okay with you I’m going to stop thinking about you… We don’t need you blowing up or anything, kay?

Jodie: Awesome, Thanks for caring.

——Five Minutes Later——

Jodie: So was there really an explosion or was that all just a build up to your punch line.
Me: No there really was an explosion. I’m just quick with the punch lines.

**In my defense, there was only one person who was minorly injured due to the explosion. They have been treated and released**

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