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I’ve been waiting for this!!!

If you know me, you know 2 things. I love Photography and I love the Bengals. And if you’ve been around me recently you’ve heard my thoughts about, (dare I say his name??????) Chad Johnson.
He has publicly disgraced the Bengals and I am personally offended by the way he has treated Cincinnati. I’ve been waiting for his actions to come back around and smack him in the face.

While reading on Yahoo News, I’m got what will be the first of many wafts of satisfaction. It looks like Chad is getting what I hoped he would get.

10-pack: The worst moves (and non-moves) of the NFL offseason
By Mike Florio –

(I skipped down to #10 for this you can read the rest of the story here:

10. Chad should have kept his mouth shut.
The mouth that roared for much of the offseason has fallen eerily silent since the Washington Redskins selected two wide receivers on the first day of the draft. So with the ‘Skins out of the Chad Johnson business and with the Cincinnati Bengals not budging on their refusal to trade him, Johnson presumably is hoping everyone will forget about everything he said from January through April regarding his desire to get out of Cincinnati.
Why else would Johnson no longer be whining for a trade? The reality is, he knows he has no leverage, and that his only option is to make good on a promise not to play again for the Bengals. And pay back $5 million in signing bonus money.
If Johnson had merely put a sock in the place where he hangs that golden grill on game days, he wouldn’t be in a position to look so silly when he shows up for training camp and acts like he didn’t act like a complete fool.

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