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The many definitions of puke

Puke: The best way to express your disgust at a person, thing, or action.
i.e. PUKE!

Fake Puke: This is best saved for use at work, when it is not in your best interest to actually puke.
i.e. If she starts to fake cry, I will fake puke.

Internal Vomit: This happens unexpectedly. It is usually caused when something particularly disgusting catches you off guard.
i.e. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Soul Vomit: When something or someone does something so morally wrong that your soul revolts.
i.e. I think my soul just threw up.

Baby Vomit, AKA Spit Up: You will never understand motherhood until you’ve rocked a baby to sleep in the middle of the night only to have it wake up and spit-up down your cleavage.

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