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Things I saw at the Taste of Cincinnati that disturbed me.

A woman with a belly shirt and boobs that came to her belly button. (No bra) If she had to scratch her head, she would have flashed us all.

A woman with boobs bigger than the size of my head. Barely covered in a jumpsuit and waiting to pop out and surprise us all!

90 degree weather, and a 4 year old little boy in a sweater and sweatpants.

The metal grates, as big as our car, with nothing but air for about 10-15 feet down. (We drive over these things and people wouldnt even walk over them).

A familiar DJ standing in the crowd with a big red microphone.
“I’ve already been on his microphone”, was my reply.

You can take that however you want to. He’s not bad looking.

A naked man

wearing nothing but tighty whitey’s

and cowboy boots…….

“Get me from behind! Get me from behind! Do you see what it says?” (apparently his undies had something written on them. I couldnt for the life of me make out what it said. Maybe because I was focused on the butt than the words.

I couldnt shake the feeling that if GW Bush was better looking and didnt have a “job” as the president right now, that he’d be great at this Naked Cowboy job.

becki - May 27, 2007 - 2:37 pm

Thanks for the heads up..I’m going tomorrow. I’ve seen “the Naked Cowboy” before at the fireworks…I believe his undies say “naked cowboy” in airbrush..**rolls eyes**

Was the food good at least?? LOL!

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