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A post or two ago I mentioned the new links on my blog and one of the links was to Twitter. If you don’t know what Twitter is, I suggest you check it out. I signed up on twitter months ago, but didnt know any one else. It was just me and my sister, Jodie, following each other. Which kind of defeats the purpose because we could just text each other. HA!

So I researched and found fellow photographers to interact with on Twitter and have been Twittering it up ever since. One of the cool things about twitter is that some really interesting people have found me.

CincyChic is an online lifestyle publication for women in the Greater Cincinnati area. (that quote is taken directly from their website which I encourage you to visit). By just following CincyChic on flickr I get a lot of up to date information about Cincinnati.

Another awesome Twitterite (as I like to call em) is BlackBerry Chick. This is an awesome resource for ladies who use blackberries like me. If you are a blackberry user CHECK EM OUT! They keep you up to date on new apps, themes and just about everything for blackberry.

Last but not least is HipCincinnati. If you need to be updated on all the awesome events going on in Cincinnati, Check Em Out!

A post with no photo? No way Jose!
The only photo I have of my beloved city… I’m not the best at landscapes and things like that. People are what I like to photograph. You know that!

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