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I have been pre-occupied with some family matters this past week, but wanted to share a few photos from the weekend. If you ever wonder why my stepson doesn’t appear on this blog much; Its not because I don’t bother to take pictures of him. He spends his weekends with his mother, so I don’t get the opportunity much. Also he HATES to get his picture taken, it takes too long he says.

Steve and I took Tanner to Maifest in Covington this weekend. It is my favorite festival because it marks the beginning of all Summer Festivals in the greater Cincinnati area. When we got there Tanner had to get some “Ice Cream” as he calls it. I think he enjoyed it.




Then we moved on to Cotton Candy and a very fluffy, powdery funnel cake.



As we were leaving we saw a group of people making art on the streets with chalk. The way they draw it, you are supposed to see it as a 3D image. I tried to get the right angle to show you the 3D image, but there were a lot of people around. This is as close as I got.


Here is another angle.



The sky was gorgeous on our way home, so I made Steve stop at a park overlooking the city for a photo or two.


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